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Barath Mobile Physio Care

The Mobile Physio Team offers Comprehensive Pain Relief and Rehabilitation services at your premises – at your home, at your office, at old age homes or in a hospital setting.

Good or Bad weather, No matter. We are always around with our equipments and a qualified Physio to attend at your door step on time. With or without prescription our services aim high to bring your pain low.

Rain or Shine ; We are Thine

Why Choose Mobile Physio

With more than 20 years of experience, We had encountered a variety of situations where the patients are unable to continue the course of treatment in-spite of great relief.

Few such reasons are

The client needs a person to accompany them to the clinic who has to reschedule his work or cum at the cost of their income loss.

In some cases the travel to the clinic itself is strenous which does not allow the pain to subside.

Few have to pay more for the commutation than the treatment charge where in the Mobile Physio will be economical for them

Some elderly persons donot have a kith or kin to accompany them and also could not find an auto or cab for themselves. For example whose children have settled abroad.

Certain health conditions in which the patient cannot be shifted as in Stroke, Post Surgical cases or Fracture Immobilisation. Hence the idea of Mobile Physio will cater the needs of the patient without disturbing others.

What to expect of Mobile Physio

   A qualified Physio will attend you between the working hours of 8am to 8pm on all days except Sundays.

   The initial appointment will be scheduled within 4 hours to maximum of 12 hours on the working day.

   The First visit includes an Assessment of the Physical problem, Evaluation and Treatment Schedule which will take an hour.

   From then on till the closing of the entire treatment session the patient will be attended on the scheduled time.